Athletics South runs the local Summer Track & Field (October - March), the Winter Cross Country/Out of Stadium (April - September) and the Winter Throws Series in Southern Tasmania.

Athletics caters for participants from 10 years of age through to masters - and at all levels of ability. more 


The Athletics South Winter Season comes to a conclusion this week with the Tolosa St Relays followed by the season presentations.  Congratulations to Northern Suburbs AC on winning the Men's & Women's Winter Premierships for 2018.

Good luck also to all our Athletics South athletes representing Tasmania in the Australian Marathon Championships in Sydney on Sunday 16 September;

Mark HINDER (SB), Christie HARRIS (ES), Anthony GANGELL (SB), Gabby WILSON (ES),
Drew LATHAM (ES), Naomi BALMER (ES), Jarrod GIBSON (ES), Bonnie DAVIES (TMA),
David CHADWICK (ES), Jessica SCHMIDT (SB), Alister FOOT (ES)


The Calendar and programmes for the upcoming 2018-19 Athletics South Track & Field Season, starting on October 6 are now available HERE


 Registrations for 2018/19 will soon be available through the various Club websites.