Athletics South runs the local Summer Track & Field (October - March), the Winter Cross Country/Out of Stadium (April - September) and the Winter Throws Series in Southern Tasmania.

Athletics caters for participants from 10 years of age through to masters - and at all levels of ability. more 


The Athletics South 2017 Out of Stadium season continues on Saturday June 3, with the 3rd round of the Road Championships at Ridgeway.

A reminder that all 2016-17 registrations have now expired, so you now need to renew your registration if you haven't already done so.


The 2016-17 Interclub Track & Field Premiership Season concluded on Saturday March 4. 

Congratulations to Eastern Suburbs Athletic Club on taking out the Men's, Women's and Combined Premierships for 2016-17.   



 Out of Stadium and All Year registrations for 2017-18 are now available through the various Club websites.